Hey! I’m Emma, a twenty-nine year old Londoner, marketer and travel obsessive. I live in East London with my boyfriend, Oliver, and work at a creative agency in Clerkenwell heading up our Influencer Marketing division.

I love nothing more than exploring (or escaping) the city, trying to properly capture the way I see new places on my camera, the changing of seasons, fashion and interior design magazines, and being generally addicted to the evolution of the blogging world. Massive marketing nerd right here.

This year I decided to launch my own community after watching far too many bloggers getting disheartened over the state of the industry – I’m talking algorithm hacks, fake followers, bots, the rise of the social influencer, non-payment, falling trust, fraud and the rest. There really must be a better way!? I strongly believe that bloggers are brilliant and have made it a personal aim to ensure that everyone knows exactly that, from brands and agencies to bloggers that are questioning why they do it in the first place. The site will be launching soon but in the meantime you can find out more about how to join us by emailing acidbrights@gmail.com

About this blog

Acid Brights began back in April 2012, one evening on a sofa in Aldgate. I remember spending days deciding on a name, flicking through copies of Elle for inspiration and secretly terrified of pressing publish on my first post. I’d been reading blogs for a few months and wondering whether I could create something myself, so finally decided to give it a go.

Just about everything in my life has changed since that day but a love of writing, photography and over-sharing has kept me coming back here over the years. I feel really lucky for the opportunities blogging has given me, from meeting amazing women to opening doors in my career.

The stories on Acid Brights have changed over the years along with my interests, and these days I love to share the places I’ve seen and the places worth visiting, whether that’s a coffee shop in Aldgate or a village in Greece, along with a passion I’ve had from the start – my slight obsession with design (fashion, interiors and stationary in equal measure). I also love the idea of being able to look back on things that were important to me in years to come, so expect honest updates on anything and everything that’s on my mind.

You can find me on twitter @acid_brights or on Instagram @acidbrights if you want to say hi, or send me an email at acidbrights@gmail.com. I’d love to hear from you!

Emma x

Previous collaborations include:
Uniqlo – M&C Saatchi – Coast – M&S – La Paire – Joules – Brooke Costello – Harper + Lewis Vintage – Cloggs.co.uk – Avenue 32 – TK Maxx  

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